Earth’ 1st NFT/Crypto Brewery

+ Off-Grid Community

Metadads roadmap

10% sold

– Start brewery
– Launch next NFT Project
– Reward Community

50% sold

– Launch off-grid community (spain)
– Hire Team Members
– Launch $MDAD + Staking

100% Sold

– Host Party in Spain
– Better brewery and Land
– Buy a Mini-Pony for our land


Hire Team
Create Socials
Draw Art
Finish Website
Code Smart-Contract
Create Hype for launch
Launch 🚀

MetaDads Collection

Minting in July 2022
when the devil says to you, ‘Do not drink,’ answer him: ‘I will drink, and right freely, just because you tell me not to.’ One must always do what Satan forbids.”

- Martin Luther

NFT Holder Perks

What we offer our holders – more to come!

Co-Own A Brewery

50 NFT holders will become shareholders of our brewery, earning a total of 10% of our profits

the remainder of NFT holders get a $100 voucher every time they visit our brewery/taproom at any of our multiple locations worldwide

Off-Grid Community

Owning 1 of our NFT’s acts as an entry ticket to our off-grid community in Spain

We will have a communal farm, living quarters, and everything a community needs to thrive

You may stay and/or live as long as you please

Staking + Airdrops

Earn $MDAD crypto tokens the longer you hold a Metadad NFT

Can be used in our brewery and off-grid community to pay for goods/services

Free “Gill Bates” NFT, Before main launch, for WL holders

(FREE NFT Collection)

“Gill Bates”

gill bates metadads nft collection opensea polygon ethereum blockchain web3 metverse nfts nftproject

Evil Twin Of The Famous Mad Scientist”

You Can claim this NFT by holding a metadads “wl NFT”, which you will be gifted by entering your wallet address in our discord (OS/Polygon)

The Team

The Creator


Chief of Marketing


Head of culture


Community Leader